German Aquatics

by Dante Elephante

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Album was recorded at several different studios over the past year from Los Angeles to Lompoc, California.


released April 27, 2012

Randall Sena recorded/mixed track 1.
Andy Marshall recorded/mixed tracks 2 and 3.
Marvin Dominguez recorded/mixed track 4.
Angus Cooke recorded/mixed tracks 5 and 6.

All tracks mastered by Angus Cooke



all rights reserved


Dante Elephante Los Angeles, California

Dante Elephante is a Pop/Rock band from Los Angeles, California. Released "German Aquatics" in 2013 on Echo Park based record label Lolipop Records. "Anglo-Saxon Summer" is out now!

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Track Name: All The Time
Oh if your heart shakes
Your little old days look so opaque
Too afraid of a fall you looked all around didn't like what you saw
Smile you scrapped your knee but you let it go straight to the bone
You were a blue giant and I was a Western Cowboy

And all of the time they thought i was crazy..
There's nothing to do at three in the morning
and if you leave will you hate me.
I don't know
Track Name: Heartbeat
Dreaming of sweet oasis
you're so close but so far away
They'll validate you
cause you just who you are

Coldest part of the city
would be the warmest place of your heart
catch the bus oh, recite your prayers
cause we may not know where to start

If the heat left you open
and you're waiting for the breeze
float downstream on your knees
and if your heartbeats a little slow

I see light shining a thousand times
your face in the crowd getting hard to find
I'll tell you when it stops being fun
close your eyes and turn your face to the sun
Track Name: Let's Start Talking
Come on little girl the time is getting late
I wanna tell you that days won't be the same
where you go for now?
The sun is almost up and it's your time to shine
Green faced girl always wasting your time
Don't wait too long

All of the time you talk way to much get out and do it
Oh how we know, oh how we know

I gotta get away dreaming of the coast my baby baby the one who's afraid of the ghost
If time is almost up the end is almost near. sail away washed up on the pier.

My dear my days have grown so long
keep talking on the telephone
ooh baby oh please. do you remember?
Track Name: German Aquatics
Tell me where your days have been
Are they all lost under your shade
I wish I could go back to the older days
We can do it all the way
A drink last a night but it don't feel right
until I have you right by my side

Oh when the rain starts to pour in
I thought I heard your name blow in the wind
and it won't be long dear
and how do you belong here?
And are you coming round

Remember when you broke your foot
Tiny little feet they work for the mile
You got beat up for the truth and you never let it go
Living off the grid again
Go to the cliff that I used to know
My friends they may change but I never let it show

All your days in the shade it grows
but it won't be long
all your days on this hopeless wave
the current drags me along
are you still there babe?
and are you coming around?
Track Name: Kogi
How you gonna run back to me?
where you still waiting for a daydream?
oh you've such a fool
oh you've been such a mess
oh you've been such a fool

how are you going to talk back to me?
fragile new frame skip by the daisies
oh you've such a fool
oh you've been such a mess
oh you've been such a fool

how you get lost did you soil?
saw your new man knee deep in oil
oh you've such a fool
oh you've been such a mess
oh you've been such a fool

how you gonna make it on your own
how you gonna lie and sell your soul
how you gonna make it but it hurts me so
but I'll try to get it back

Oh I know. if it don't grow it won't show
Track Name: Home Again
Time as it stands
be holding my hands why don't you sit a little closer
warm summer breeze brings me to my knees
why don't you sit a little closer

I see you.
I lied I don't
I can't see nobody with you
then why do I feel so alone

Your as blue as an ox
as graceful as a fox my little keeper of the zoo
you're fire to my match you're the drink in my glass are you just gonna turn me on.