Anglo​-​Saxon Summer

by Dante Elephante

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released October 2, 2015



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Dante Elephante Los Angeles, California

Dante Elephante is a Pop/Rock band from Los Angeles, California. Released "German Aquatics" in 2013 on Echo Park based record label Lolipop Records. "Anglo-Saxon Summer" is out now!

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Track Name: Never Trust A Junkie
Well I was looking down an apple tree
An hour later fell asleep beneath the canopy
I was looking for a way out, honey
I heard you tell me but I just don’t think its funny

Come on baby move along
Didn’t even think at all

Everything that goes wrong
I can try and make it alright
Just me and my dog
lying hip to hop every single night
you may be older but you just ain’t that bright

Verse 2:
If you’re driving put your hand in mine
You always get a little higher when you go outside
30 seconds til it hurts your body
I thought I told you that you never trust a junkie
Track Name: Couple Apples
I can never say what I want to say
You can always run the other way
Tomorrow may change but it all just seems so plain

Verse 2:
Dream a little longer I’ll be in your mind
Run around in circles you’ll be done in time
Grab a couple apples off the tree you know what I mean

You know, I’m not supposed to show
I don’t need to know that I’ve seen the light shown through for you
Track Name: Pop Song
I think I found someone holding out
What can you do?
It’s not something to talk about
It’s just between me and you
Every night I’m waiting for something
To be alone or left hiding

I know it’s not the way that you’ve always wanted
I don’t care about a pop song
I know I’m not always going to live without it
I hope you come along

Verse 2:
I met someone with someone else
What can you do?
Rumors that fly around this town
It’s just between me and you
Track Name: Twenty Trees
Wishing on a cue to go
Forgetting what I used to know
Sit inside your star when it’s getting to you
Living for my phone I sang
A melody I’ve seen it bring
Light inside your eyes when it’s telling the truth

You’re getting me wrong
You’re getting me down
I’m back in the car when the summer’s around
Supposed I tried to love you
And I thought it was true
I don’t mind, waiting for you

Twenty trees down to the shore
I know I’ve seen her before
I know I’ve heard that tone I’m listening to
Seven months past falling through
I asked her if she thought I knew
What we’re doing here
My hand on a cue

Your getting me wrong
You’re getting me down
I’m back in the car when the summer’s around

That’s what I used to say yeah
I thought it was true
Was it easy taking all that time now
All I’m seeing is you
Track Name: Yung Gurls
Oh my friend you’ve broke my heart
I want to get right back to the very start
I wanna lay here, Wanna lay here with you like I did before
You shouldn’t care I know it shows
I wanna be around for a long long time
I need to quit it
I just don’t know if I could

Young girls, they’ll lie but they’ll lie to you
I don’t want to do what you want to do
But if I’m lazy, you’re lazy too
I wanna stay in with you
Stay in with you

Verse 2:
There comes a time you must go home
Well I’ll drive you there but I’ll drive so slow
Why don’t you stay here?
For awhile or maybe a minute
Oh your dog he loves to bark
I wanna walk down the street til it gets dark
Don’t cross train tracks
I had a bad dream and you did too
Track Name: Kyoto '74
Come on over wait and see
I don’t really know if it's you or me
You can spend your day in mine
You don’t really need to share your time

Verse 2:
What you do and what you say
Who you are from yesterday
You think you have grown so fast
And all your friends they’ll never last

In the middle of the night
There’s a break of sunlight, Inside
Well I was sitting there
So tired and unprepared
I was dreaming and how you gonna lie here
You got old, you were sold and you got so cold
Track Name: Jalisco
I may not be where you want me to be
Cause I’m always high
Who would have taught you to act like that but you’re mine, all mine

I always keep my distance
I can’t believe you don’t know
And you’ll never know

Verse 2:
I thought I’d write you a paragraph
Forgot you went away
You said it can’t always be like that
But you’re gone and I’m out of your way
Track Name: Summer Vacation
I’m ready for a brand new start
I hate the kids who think they’re smart
I think you’ve got the greedy eye
They lost their soul and they don’t know why

You think that you’re special
You think that you’ve got it made
You think that you’re something great
and I won’t be so angry all the time

Verse 2:
I think you gotta pay your dues
We all gotta and you do too
You think you’ve got something great
And it’s the fire in your eyes

No more time since you’ve been on my mind
Summer vacation ending in a week, oh no
Track Name: Twin Lakes
Cold blooded
Let me see your hands
Little Darlin’
I wanna be your man

Never doing what they told you
Failing out and get a job

Little honey
Leave it in due time
With your cousins
Or only in your mind

Now it looks like to me
That I’m always lying
Go and be alone with my porcelain doll collection
I don’t know about you
I don’t know what I would do
HA HA HA I didn’t say
Take me back to Twin Lakes

Verse 3:
Holy water
purify my heart
Dirty winner
go back to the start
Track Name: Pasadena Dreams
Last night my baby told me that I was growing greys
Funny when she found out I’m never going to change
You can be my mother I wanna be the one and not the other
Assalamualaikum let’s jump into the sea.

Verse 2:
I don’t want to wake up I only want to sleep
I can’t wait for winter, the summer’s only heat
I can’t wait for no one
You gotta make your mind before you grow up
If you wanted dinner, well that’s ok with me

Don’t do it for me just do it for yourself
Don’t do it for me just do it for your health
Well it’s always seems alright/in my mind

Verse 3:
Hide me in the corner well I’m a jealous boy
Dressed up in new attire I’m ready to exploit
Anything around you the world is going on with or without you
Dreams of Pasadena and hide them in your sleep
Track Name: Dreamliner
What’s the use tonight?
I thought we’d try to keep it light
And when the time is due the train is gone
What’s the used to say what I’ve seen in between the days?
And if you’ve seen it too, then save your tongue

I’ve got a way with yours
Now that you’ve changed your mind
I don’t know what I would find
But you’ve got me wondering

Verse 2:
Half the week I stayed up living back behind my eyes
Sitting here with you I don’t mind
Staring out the dreamline
Floating down into the ties
Ring around the moon when I arrive
Track Name: Biltmore Nights
I can’t always figure it out
I watch too much television
Your eyes are green, purple, and gold
And now your tricks are getting old

Verse 2:
I can’t wait for your reply
I don’t even know if you’ll even know
Your boy is alright
That dog is alive
And boy I bet you feel like a loser

I’m so sick of the same routine
stay up late and say that you love me
It’s so stupid, I can’t tell you nothing
It’s just only time just wait and see
I was alone before I met you darling
And I’ll be alone before it stops